First This Then That

Did you know you can setup a First This Then That visual on the Information Board? You may be familiar with this concept or may have heard of it, but let's start out with the aim of this feature.

On the left, you will see the activity, task, reminder, or checklist that needs to be completed first before the next task. That is where the phrase, 'first this, then that' comes from.

Adding First This Then That To An InfoScreen

  • Log into the online environment and select the Information Board you're wanting to edit.
  • Click 'Edit this board' in the top right corner of the page.
  • You can either create a new tab for the First This Then That feature or add it to an existing tab.

see below to find First - Then widget

Adding A Schedule

  • Upon adding the widget to the board you will next need to assign a schedule or individual.
  • Click "show schedule from" and select either the calendar or individual you would like to display.
  • If you need to create a schedule for the first then feature. Go to your home screen in the online environment, select "Calendars", select "+" to add a calendar, and input in your desired routine. Once completed you can assign this calendar to the Inforscreen.

see below for an example

What Does The First Then That Feature Do Exactly?

Below is a list of the features and processes of the First - Then Widget.

  • Always shows one current and one next activity
  • Allows for the current activity to be checked off as completed
  • Proceeds to the next task if one is available
  • If there are multiple tasks/checklists in the current time slot. It will only show one activity at the time (to preserve focus)
  • If all tasks for the current time are done it will not switch to the next tasks until the actual start time for that task arrives
  • If there are reminders mixed in with the tasks; they will be shown at the start time of the reminder (reminders are unable to be checked off)
  • If tasks have an end-time it will switch to the next task (as a caretaker you have control over how fast tasks are displayed / how long the client has to complete them)
  • If the tasks have no end time they will be displayed until checked off (to avoid skipping tasks)
  • Shows how long until the next task

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