RoutineFactory on a watch

Your daily structure always close to your wrist; how great is that? Using a smartwatch with RoutineFactory is possible!

The smartwatch extension of RoutineFactory always shows the current task or memory from the daily schedule on the watch. With an icon, photo, and/or counting bar.

When a new activity starts, a vibrating or audible alarm sounds and the next activity appears. By briefly touching the dial, you can briefly see the next activity.

Although the smartwatch must be connected to an Android phone or tablet, it can also function without a connection. The day planning continues. To refresh the schedule, the watch does need a connection with the smartphone, directly or via the internet.

How does it work

To use the smartwatch with RoutineFactory you need several things:

  • Watch: a watch of the "Google Wear" type. There are different brands and types available.
  • Phone or tablet: an Android tablet or phone to which the watch is connected.
  • My OwnPlan: with every My RoutineFactory subscription you can use the app on the watch.

In the online environment of RoutineFactory, you start by creating a clear weekly structure. The RoutineFactory app on the phone synchronizes it to the watch.

On the watch, you then use the RoutineFactory dial, which always shows the current activity with an icon.

Which watch is suitable?

RoutineFactory does not work with a specific 1 brand or type of watch so that the best-fitting watch from different vendors can be chosen per person. Very robust or just fashionable and in different price ranges.

Almost all watches of the type Google Wear are suitable. This is the "official" Android watch system.

For example, think of:

  • Asus Zenwatch (2 or 3)
  • Motorola 360
  • FOSSIL (different models)
  • Sony smartwatches (different models)

Are you unsure whether a specific watch is suitable? Please contact us and we will be happy to look with you.

*Please note:* to use RoutineFactory with a smartwatch you also need an Android phone or tablet. This can also be a cheap device.

Starting with the watch

Do you have a suitable watch? Then we will tell you how to start in a few steps.

  • Step 1 Install the "WearOS" app on your phone or tablet from the Google Play store.
  • Step 2 Use the "WearOS" app to pair the watch with the phone or tablet
  • Step 3 Make sure that the watch has received and installed all updates
  • Step 4 Install the RoutineFactory app on the phone or tablet from the Google Play store.
  • Step 5 After installing the RoutineFactory app, activate RoutineFactory on the watch from the "Apps on your phone" menu in the Google Play app on the watch:

Now you can activate the RoutineFactory watch-face from the WearOS app or on the watch itself. The RoutineFactory app will not appear in the apps list on the watch itself.

Now you can log in to the RoutineFactory app with your credentials.

Have you already made a schedule in the online environment? If all goes well, it will now automatically appear in the app and also on the watch.

*Tip:* Select the option "Refresh" in the app on the phone or tablet to manually send the schedule to the watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not see any icons on the watch why is that?

To do so, select the option "Refresh" in the app on the phone or tablet in the menu. If it is good, you will see icons appear automatically.

  • Can I switch between a digital clock or an analog clock? *

Yes, you can, in the app settings on the phone or tablet you can set different views for the clock. Or disable the clock altogether.

  • Why can not I hear a sound signal? *

Is the phone on silent? Then you will also hear no alarm sounds on the watch. This can also happen because the "Do not disturb" mode is switched on.

  • A task or reminder description is shown twice or stays in the picture. *

This is often because ordinary messages on the phone are also displayed on the watch. Consider, for example, an e-mail that comes in. You can avoid duplicate notifications by disabling notifications in the Wear app for the RoutineFactory app. The reports via the watch then only enter once.

  • Does the watch also work if the phone or tablet is not around? *

Yes, the watch can independently play the schedule. It is therefore not necessary to always carry a phone or tablet. When the phone or tablet and the watch are occasionally close to each other, this is sufficient, so that the schedule can be updated on the watch.

  • Can I also use an Apple Watch? *

The apple watch shows an alarm for a reminder or task on the watch. However, it does not remain in the picture and no counting bar is visible. It is also necessary that there is a connection between the iPhone and the watch. We do not have a special app for the Apple Watch.

  • Can I also use a Google Wear watch with my iPhone? *

Although most Google Wear watches can also be used with an iPhone, this is unfortunately not possible i.s.m with the RoutineFactory app. You always need an Android phone or tablet.

  • Can I also use the watch without a phone or tablet? *

It is still necessary to always have a telephone or tablet available per watch.

In the future, it will also be possible to use the watch completely independently.

Still having questions? Contact us, we are happy to assist.