Creating A Clear Daily & Weekly Routine

With RoutineFactory you add all regular recurring tasks and events in a clear weekly schedule.

The weekly schedule provides an overview of the specific client and which tasks have been completed, not completed, skipped, or failed. It also allows for you to look into past and future weeks

In the app, the user sees a daily overview of the tasks, reminders, and events that will be occurring that day. Notifications assist the user in prompting tasks and sending notifications to help keep the user on track for the day.

Create a weekly plan

How do you make a weekly schedule?

  • Start by adding a new activity: navigate to your person and click on "Schedule"
  • Then click on the "+" icon of the first day where the task or event takes place
  • Choose from the list what kind of activity you want to add: for example, adding a Flipbook for a step-by-step guide.
  • After choosing the type of activity, you will get a new screen. Here you can enter a description, optionally choose a picture or photo and set a color.
  • Choose whether the memory should be repeated, if you do not set a repeat, the memory is only valid for the day you are valid.

Use repeating activities

Of course, you can add your activities separately every day, but it may be easier to repeat them automatically.

  • Select a start and/or end date or view the activity only from or between those dates
  • Select whether you want to repeat it every day or on weekdays and choose the days on which this activity should be repeated

You can also combine the different repetitions with "Also show when". This allows you to display a reminder or instruction at exactly the right time.

Still having questions? Contact us, we are happy to assist.