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Support individual clients or groups and cut down on costs by helping your clients to be more self-reliant.

$ 11.95 a month
€ 9,95 a month
£ 8,95 a month
  • Help individuals with structure, self-reliance and motivation. Also suitable for peripatetic care.
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starts at $ 39.95 a month
starts at € 29,95 a month
starts at £ 26,00 a month
  • Support a group of clients in assisted living facilities, at work or residential care.
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€ 49,95 a month
$ 59.95 a month
£ 44,95 a month
  • Help your clients answer their own questions via a touchscreen, assign tasks and display news.
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  • Structure and predictability
  • Clear schedules
  • Visual step-by-step guides
  • Reward system
  • Emotion thermometers
  • Client portal
  • Help with focus
  • Help with notion of time