Display an Infoboard on a TV or touchscreen


Information screens can be displayed on almost any device that can run a modern web browser. Such as an iPad, computer, laptop, or a touch-capable smartboard.

Keep in mind that a constant and reliable internet connection is required, either wired or wireless.

Tablet, laptop, or computer

Using the information screens on an existing tablet or computer is the easiest and cheapest way of presenting the information. Open the web browser and go to the unique view-only link for the specific screen. You can find this link by clicking the button labeled "Display" under the "Info screens" tab.

Logging in is not required to view the link's contents.

TV (non-interactive)

Using a standard television screen is another relatively cost-effective option. You can also enable automatic cycling, in case the information requires multiple displays.

To use a TV for the information screens, you will need

  • A working TV, any relatively recent model with an HDMI port.
  • Computer stick (such as the Intel Compute Stick starting at ~ $300)
  • A keyboard with a USB plug.
  • A wireless internet connection.

Nearly any TV screen can be used to display info screens, including existing ones on-site.

Follow the instructions to set up your computer stick. When you're done, use your favorite browser to go to the view-only link on the compute stick. Your TV is now set up.

Smartboard / Touchscreen (interactive)

RoutineFactory's information screens can also be used on devices equipped with a touchscreen for an additional interactive element.

To best utilize your resources, please Send us a message. We will assist you in selecting the hardware that will be suite your needs.

Choosing a supplier

There are a great number of suppliers available due to the fact that the Infoboard works on almost any device with a modern web browser.

Need any help choosing a device? Send us a message, we can get you in touch with one of our partners, or give you some advice. We'd be happy to help you.

Still having questions? Contact us, we are happy to assist.