Schedules On The Information Board

What if you want to display a daily or weekly schedule on an Information Board, how can you do that?

You can of course log in to RoutineFactory every day to adjust the contents of the board and always show the activities for that day.

It can be made even easier by using the plans in RoutineFactory. This way you can plan ahead for days, weeks, and even months.

Does something unexpectedly change in the planning? No problem; you can always make edits as you go.

Plan and display in advance

Planning parts on the information board work together with the weekly schedules in RoutineFactory. This allows you to plan something ahead in the weekly schedule (for example the menu for each evening) and then show it on the information board.

Because you can use the repeat options, icons and re-use them in the weekly schedule, it is very easy to set a fixed schedule and adjust it when necessary.

How does this work:

  • Add a person on the RoutineFactory main screen
  • Go to that person's weekly schedule and plan activities; for example with an icon, start and end time. Use activities of the type "Reminder"
  • Go to an information board and add one of the views below. You can now select the person whose schedule is displayed.

Tip: you can also use "people" to show the presence of a supervisor, group activities, etc.

Planning display options

There are different views of planning on the information boards, depending on how much detail you want to show and whether you want to use it for a specific person or group.

Display the current activity with the "Now" view

With this, you can always show the current activity. Possibly with a timer that counts down to the next activity.

You also use this view for example "What are we eating today?" or "Who is on duty?"

For more people with a daily overview

This allows you to display an overview of the schedule for several people. This is a horizontal view.

Tip: place images in the morning, afternoon, and evening column for more recognisability

For more people with a weekly overview

This allows you to display an overview of the schedule for several people for a week.

Are you going to show the schedule on an interactive screen (for example tablet or touchscreen?) You can then enable navigation headers so clients and employees can also view the following week.

Here you see the Schedule overview display for several people

Here you see the Current view with the activity of that moment

Here is a weekly schedule over for multiple clients

Still having questions? Contact us, we are happy to assist.