Using the rewards system

The rewards system in RoutineFactory allows you to associate rewards with correctly executing a task.

You can use this to reward good behaviour in children and make the daily routine much more fun for adults.

Setting up the rewards system.

The rewards system works by collecting points.

You can set different rewards for different tasks. The earned points can then be used to "purchase" rewards. You decide what those rewards are and how many points they cost.

The next steps will show you how to activate this powerful tool.

Activate the system

Log on to the webclient. Go to the personal page. Click "Edit" and tick the box next to "Positive rewards system".

Assign point rewards to tasks

Go to the weekly schedule and open a task or step-by-step.

You can set rewards for successfully completing the task.

You can do this for any number of tasks or step-by-steps.

Set rewards

Go back to the person home screen and click the button labeled "Rewards". It is positioned under the total points balance.

You can now add any number of rewards.

Start saving

The client can save up points by completing tasks and step-by-steps.

You will need to approve the task before points are added to the client's balance.

Approving tasks

If the task is completed successfully, you can approve the task on the website and the points are added to the client's balance.

Tip: You can edit which users can approve tasks in the settings screen.

"Purchasing" a reward

After some time, the client can "buy" rewards with the points he or she collected. The client can do this directly from the app or from the website.

You can see the chosen rewards in the "timeline" view.

Automatic approval

You can also have the system assign the points automatically. If you want to enable this, go to "Edit" in the person view and find "Automatically approve completed tasks".

Manually editing points balance

You can manually edit the total points a client has by going to "Edit" in the person view and clicking "Manually edit points balance".

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