How can an app help a person with special needs?

Often structure and predictability can help a person with special needs (i.e Autism, ASD, lack of sense of time) by making clear what is happening now and what is going to happen next.

This is where the Routinefactory app on phone, tablet or smartwatch can help! With clear visual schedules, checklists, repeating alarm signals and much more.

It is easy to start: create personal schedules & digital assistants on the website. Then download the app on a iOS or Android device to start using the schedules.

Use the app on a phone, tablet or smartwatch together with
the digital information boards and online client & caretaker portal.

Easy-to-understand visual schedules & checklists

What should I do now? What is going to happen next? Or a week from now? The app offers structure & peace of mind by answering this questions.

The app does this in a visual and easy to understand way by using pictograms, photo's, colorcoding and video. Complex tasks can be broken up in smaller, easy-to-follow, steps. By offering tasks one-by-one it is easier to focus on the task at hand.

The app is very flexible: the detail level & presentation can be tailored exactly to a specific persons need. This increases the chance for success greatly.

Helping to stay motivated

Even knowing that the structure & predictability of a clear schedule helps it can be hard to keep sticking to it.

This is where the positive reward system can help. You can assign points to tasks & checklists, collect points and then agree on rewards you can exchange for points.

This can greatly help with motivation, for both children and adults!

You can think of and add your own specific rewards.

Keep track of emotions, help with choices and more

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of emotions and know what to do in specific situations, for example when becoming angry.

The app let's you gauge emotions on regular times during the day. You can then use the online portal to look for patterns and get see how things are going over time.

By using the digital assistants you can also provide pro-active help, for example: an relaxation exercise the person can open when feeling anxiety.


RoutineFactory is adaptable to the situation and needs for a person with special needs. Just try it out!

It is easy to get started:

  • Register an account on
  • Install the RoutineFactory app on an iPhone, iPad, Android device
  • (Optional) install on WearOS Smartwatch

You can test for free for 14 days, no obligations or commitment.

Are you an organisation? We have special accounts for professionals who want to use the app to guide clients. Please contact us for more information.