Digital Information Boards

Providing up-to-date organizational news, schedules, and other daily activity lists can be very demanding and stressful.

By using the RoutineFactory Information Board, you can efficiently provide a wide range of information to clients and staff.

Getting started with Digital Information Boards

In this manual, we will help you get started with the digital Information Boards.

You can use information screens for:

  • Spreading news and information messages
  • Show an individual planning or group planning
  • Show who is on duty
  • News: what are we eating today? What day is it today? etc.

Information Boards are commonly be placed in residential programs, day services, and assisted workplaces. Locations inside of those areas vary by organization and living situation. If you would like to have some guidance in where to place an Information Board, please follow the Contact us link below.

The Information Board is highly customizable allowing each Information Board or Information Screen to be adapted to the clients' abilities, location, and much more! Being a digital device that is managed in the online environment you can easily make changes remotely.

To keep things organized and reduce clutter, you can easily divide information into separate "tabs".

Still having questions? Contact us, we are happy to assist.