Digital Information Boards

Good information provision for clients and employees is extremely important, but sometimes quite difficult in practice.

Physical pinboards at a location always require manual work to keep them up-to-date. You often see outdated news items and outdated information. Because of this they are soon no longer used.

With the digital information boards of RoutineFactory you can easily provide information that is easy to keep up and looks good too!

Getting started with digital information boards

In this manual we help you start quickly with the digital information boards. How do you make them; update and apply them.

You can use information signs for:

  • Spreading news and information messages
  • Show an individual planning or group planning
  • Show presence
  • News: what do we eat today; what day is it today?

The signs can be placed at a care location (via a screen on the wall) or for groups (for example on a television in the living room) and for individuals (via an ipad or computer ).

Because the boards are digital you can easily adapt them from any location, also remotely.

Each information board can, if necessary, be further divided into separate "tabs". That way you keep things organized.

The board can automatically switch between the tabs. Do you use a TV with touch or an iPad for example? Then clients with touch can easily open the right tab themselves.

Stil having questions? Contact us, we are happy to assist.