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RoutineFactory is a website and app for people with special needs to become more structured and self-sufficient in
the day-to-day tasks. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety and
boosts self-confidence!

How does it work?

RoutineFactory offers structure & predictability, increased self-reliance and reduced stress & anxiety with:

Personal website work together with caretakers to create clear visual week schedules and keep track of progress

App on phone and tablet offers a day schedule + checklists with images, colors, instructions and speech

Watch shows the current activity with alarm and timer, perfect for people with time & focus issues

Infoboards help groups stay up-to-date on information, schedules, shifts and news

Provide structure & predictability

For some people regular schedules can be too confusing. By using visual schedules with pictograms, photos, colours and speech to make the weekstructure easier to understand and follow.

The app on phone & tablet sounds an alarm at the appropriate time and helps keep track on progress in the daily tasks.

In this way RoutineFactory can provide a lot of structure and predicability: it is always clear what should happen now and what will happen next. This can greatly help reduce stress and anxiety!

Improving Self-Reliability

Often people with special needs like Autism, ADHD or with a mentall challenge have difficulty with complex tasks. They often skip steps or have trouble keeping focus.

Step-by-step visual checklists help by splitting a complex task in simpeler individual steps. The visual checklists can be used directly in the app from within the week schedule or by bundling them in digital assistants.

This helps a person becoming more self reliant thus boosting self confidence!

Grip on Emotions

Get more grip on emotions by registering moods with the emotion thermometers in the app. The online environment shows the progress of emotions throughout the week. This helps to determine what works well for a person and what needs improvement.

Keeping Motivated

Sometimes keeping motivated by sticking to your week schedule can be difficult, even if the benefits are clear.

The reward system in RoutineFactory helps by making completing tasks fun! This can greatly help with keeping motivated.

Long term motivation can be obtained by making the long-term goals clear and the progress towards them visual. The Goals systems helps with this long term motivation.

See it in action

Learn from users how it helps them in their day-to-day lives from these videos:

The Joustra family uses RoutineFactory for their son Jordan. With a clear daily structure, Jordan gets the predictability he needs.

Mirjam has Aspergers and uses RoutineFactory to get a grip on her daily activities. Thanks to RoutineFactory, she has learned to say 'no' when needed.

Try it out yourself!

You can try RoutineFactory two weeks for free, no obligations.

After the trial period you can decide to switch if you want to switch to a paid plan. We have plans for individuals, families and for professional use in organisations.

Do you need more information or having questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we happy to assist.

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