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Reduce stress & anxiety by making the world predictable with RoutineFactory.

Support individual clients or groups and cut down on costs by helping your clients to be more self-reliant.

Online portal & apps

Reduce stress & anxiety and help focus and structure. Show reminders, tasks and checklists in the app.

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Digital infoboards

Provide predictability with clear visual schedules. Display shifts and news on 100% configurable digital touch screens.

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Reduce anxiety

For people with learning difficulties, autism, ADHD and brain injuries etc., regular schedules can be confusing and difficult to follow. Customising the schedule with pictures & colors, will make daily tasks a lot easier to manage.

The app notifies you whenever an task is due. With the daily overview, it is always clear what should be happening now and what is next: this helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Improve Self-Reliance

People with learning disabilities, Autism, ADHD or brain injuries often have difficulty focusing when attempting complex tasks.

The built-in assistant will help you set up visual checklists by splitting a task into more manageable steps. Checklists can be used directly from the daily schedule.

Go through your day with confidence, knowing that RoutineFactory will help you complete all your tasks on time and guide you through the tricky bits!

Get a Grip on Emotions

Take control of your emotions by checking in with the app's built-in emotion thermometer at the regular times during the day. See how your week has been going, view trends, and find out what works well and where things can be improved.

Keep Motivated

Sometimes sticking to a schedule can be difficult, even when the benefits are clear. RoutineFactory's reward system helps. Stay motivated by assigning points to tasks and then redeem them for rewards!


Reinaerde / Amerpoort researched RoutineFactory with different usecases. Clients are very happy with their increased self-reliance and it gives them peace of mind.

Download the Reinaerde paper. (Dutch)

The FieldLab tested RoutineFactory in daily use. The findings include the staff saving time and the clients becoming more self-reliant.

Download here. (Dutch)

Try it for yourself!

You can try RoutineFactory for two weeks totally free, no obligation.

After the trial period you can decide if you want to switch to a paid plan. We have plans for individuals, families and for professional use in organisations.

Do you have questions or need more information? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to assist.

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