Getting started with infoboards

Adding new information boards and modifying existing boards is done via the information board management screen.

You can find the information board management screen on the main screen (directly after logging in) under the tab "Information boards".

After clicking this tab you will see an overview of the existing information boards.

This is the screen with which supervisors manage the information boards.

Add information boards

Click on the "Add new information board" button to create a new board. You can now enter a name for the board; this can also be adjusted later.

After saving, the new board appears directly in the list of available information boards.

Who can change the board?

By default, only the person who created the board can make adjustments. (Consider, for example, placing a new message.)

You can also invite colleagues so that they can also make adjustments on the board.

How does this work:

  • Click on the small downwards arrow next to the infoboard
  • Click on the "Administrators" link behind the relevant board
  • Add people who will also manage the board

After saving, this board will also appear with the other administrators under the tab "Information boards"

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