Increase Independence with RoutineFactory

Using apps and Infoboards increases your client’s self-reliance and boosts confidence and self-esteem.

With the app, your client can easily use a visual schedule that is managed via an online portal by you or the facility manager.

Using the digital Infoboard clients can easily find answers to their daily questions: What do I need to do? What is for dinner? Who is working today? Do I need to wear a coat? What activity or tasks is next?

Find answers to the daily questions, independently!

In our experience, people with developmental disabilities become more independent by having accessible information

Easily find the answer to the daily questions: What do I need to do? What is for dinner? Who is working today? Do I need to wear a coat when I go out? What are today's activities?

The RoutineFactory Infoboard makes this information easily accessible via an interactive wall-mounted touchscreen using speech and visual aids.

We help you to customize the Infoboard for the specific needs of your clients.

Provide Structure & Repetition To Your Clients

Increasing predictability can greatly increase well-being by removing uncertainty from your client's mind.

In RoutineFactory you can create personalized visual schedules with exactly the right amount of detail for the day-to-day activities that provide the predictability.

The schedules can be used by clients on their phone or tablet. Schedules can be shown in a central location on an interactive Infoboard.

Combine the Infoboard with the personal app. For example: Assign a task on the Infoboard to the client, the task will then be sent to the designated client.

The Infoboard reduces clutter. No more loose notes and announcements floating around.

Everything you need to modernize your group home facility

  • Effectively assign staff to clients with routines detailed on Infoboard.
  • Activity schedules, registration & reporting
  • Meal planning, meal registration & reporting
  • Location, news, announcements, and weather all in one place
  • Have more positive interactions with the clients
  • Fully customizable for the needs of your clients

Results from our customers

Contributes to well-being of client and group
More self-reliance and independence
Saves 16 minutes a week per employee

Aveleijn uses the informationboards on more than 30 locations
and has done research on the effectiveness. Download Factsheet

Online portal & apps

Reduce stress and anxiety for your clients. Visual reminders, tasks, and checklists are easily created and adjusted for each client.

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Provide a clear visual schedule to clients displaying shifts, upcoming tasks, and much more! Our digital Infoboards are completely customizable!

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