Hiding information temporarily

Splitting information screens into several tabs can help organize information and keep confusion out the door. Making some of those tabs invisible enables you display only the information that is useful right now, so your clients won't get side-tracked or overwhelmed by irrelevant information.

Another way to apply this feature is to prepare tabs for each day of the week, and activating them on the appropriate day.

How does it work?

Start by adding a tab to the information screen. You can do so by clicking the button labeled "+ Add new tab". Clicking the option "Hide this tab from the information screen" makes the tab invisible on the display.

When you're done preparing the content of the tab, you can disable the "Hide this tab from the information screen" option and make it and it's contents visible on the display.

Displaying one specific screen per day

It's possible to display a daily schedule on the screens, which can vary from day to day. If, however, more flexibility is required, it is also possible to create different screens and enabling those that are currently useful.

Informatiebord met tabbladen. Information screen with tabs. Tapping a tab causes that tab to gain focus.

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