How can I change the size and layout when printing?

Besides using the schedules in the app or the digital Information Board you can also easily print schedules.

It is possible to print a complete week where each day has a column with the activities for that day or print a specific day.

How does it work?

First, navigate to the week you would like to print. Next, you can adjust the print settings via the "Print settings" menu:

Here you can adjust:

  • The size of the images

  • Digital or analog clocks (or both)

  • Show or hide details.

When you choose to show detailed tasks and checklists display checkboxes that can be used to check off individual tasks or steps in a checklist.

These print settings are stored for each individual person.

Next, you can create the actual print by choosing a week overview or a specific day by clicking the print option:

The standard print dialog should now pop-up and you can start the print. On most browsers, you can also export to PDF directly from this dialog. This is handy to send schedules per e-mail.

Still having questions? Contact us, we are happy to assist.