Supporting a Person Remotely

With the structure and tools in RoutineFactory, you can make a client or family member more independent.

Yet it is nice to keep an eye on things.

With RoutineFactory you can easily, from anywhere, via the website see if tasks and actions are completed in the app and if there are any obstacles.

The person using the app can also actively send a message when he or she encounters problems, via the call or skype feature.

The result of the personal plan and the notifications are visible on the person detail page in a timeline format. In addition, you can see in the weekly overview which tasks have been completed successfully. As well as what the client has filled into the emotional thermometers, and much more.

Weekly Overview At A Glance

How do you see which tasks and step-by-step guides have been completed?

  • Login to the website and navigate to the person's profile
  • You will now see a timeline containing exactly what activities have been completed and any messages
  • Click on "My Schedule" to go to the weekly overview (see image below)
  • You will now see in a weekly overview which tasks have been achieved and the emotion thermometers

To evaluate

By regularly reviewing the timeline together with the client, you can see exactly what your client is having trouble with.

Tip: Only those who have explicitly granted access to this person's data can see the timeline.

Still having questions? Contact us, we are happy to assist.