Provide Structure & Predictability for People With Special Needs

Our interactive digital infoboards + apps improve independence
for people with special needs
and reduce the workload on caretakers.

Perfect for (independent) living, assisted workplaces, special education or at home.

100% customizable interactive digital informationboard

Clients can walk up to the interactive screen and get answers for their questions themselves.

Who is on staff?
What is for dinner?
What are we going to do today?
Activity registration
News & information
Games & video's

Help with complex tasks with step-by-step visual instructions

The app provides predictability to clients by constantly showing what will happen now and what will happen next.

Use photos, colors, detailed step-by-step instructions with speech to make the day schedules accessible, completely personalized for the individual.

The app can be used together with the digital infoboard or stand-alone.

Let caretakers focus on what they love

The online portal let's you easily keep digital informationboard and apps up to date, from wherever you are.

Smart tools, ready-to-go image libraries, scheduled content and recurring schedules and activity libraries saves you a lot of repeating & tedious work.

Results from our customers

Contributes to well-being of client and group
More self-reliance and independence
Saves 16 minutes a week per employee

Aveleijn uses the informationboards on more than 30 locations
and has done research on the effectiveness. Download Factsheet

  • Away with messy note boards:
    everyone up-to-date with a clean & clear digital infoboard
  • Enable clients; make them self-sufficient
  • Reduce repeating questions from clients & improve peace of mind
  • Help clients with focus & complex tasks
  • Save time by reducing repetitive work for caretakers

Try it for yourself!

You can try it for two weeks totally free, no obligations and no credit card required.

After the trial period you can decide if you want to switch to a paid plan. We have plans for individuals, families and for professional use in organisations.

Do you have questions or need more information? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to assist.

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